Life Enhancing SOFt™ Skills Training

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We teach non-technical

Life-Enhancing 'SOFt Skills'

that allow people to

rise to the challenges of today

and then

make constructive, wise decisions

that enable them to

be Safe, be Well and to Thrive.




Soft skills training returns between
$3 and $9
for every wellbeing $ invested.
Business case for Organisational Wellbeing 2013


"Instigating behavioural change, with ‘think – pause – do’, combined with ‘speak up and shift your mindset

this course would benefit all in the construction industry.

This is more than a safety message

it is personal development and life enhancing skills

for everyone who attends.”


Lyn Clough
Director CDS NZ

Greg Matten


We founded the Safety BrainsTrust so we could share

all the Golden Nuggets of Soft Skills that we have discovered

with you.